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for expectant mothers and people of all ages

We offer a variety of massage services. Visit our booking website for a complete list.

Doula Services

prenatal and postpartum

For information about Katherine’s doula services, please visit our services page.

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Katherine Ward

I am an Iowa Girl with a passion for birth and babies! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with pregnancy and birth. In 2015, I became a labor doula and I quickly realized birth work was for me. I decided to combine my excitement for birth with my passion for wellness and became a licensed massage therapist in 2019, specializing in pre and postnatal work. I also trained as a postpartum doula to better serve families in the time after birth. 

During my own pregnancy and postpartum, I experienced first-hand the incredible highs and lows of new motherhood. Since then, I’ve become even more inspired to serve women as they walk the journey. In 2021, I finally decided to pursue midwifery, which has been the calling placed on my heart since I was young. In the same year, I also experienced the loss of a baby, James, during his pregnancy. I trained as a bereavement doula with Stillbirthday in his honor.

Outside of birth & babies, I enjoy spending time with my electrician & carpenter husband, Connor, and busy little girl, Remi. We love dancing (country or swing) and cooking up tasty eats for entertaining our friends.


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